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Air vs. Electric

Air powered tools and equipment have four major advantages over electric powered equipment.

1. Flexibility...power by portable compressors
means air tools can be operated in remote areas. Air tools run cooler and have the advantage of variable speed and torque- no damage from overload or stalling.

No Special Tools Required
2. Lightweight...the air tool is lighter in weight and lends itself to higher rates of production with less worker fatigue

3. Safety...air equipment reduces the danger of fire hazard in many industries.

4. Low cost operation and maintenance due to fewer moving parts, accessibility, and simple design.

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Air vs. Hydraulic


1. Low initial cost...fewer parts and a single air supply permits operation of many separate systems. Less complicated and costly controls are permissible with air.

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2. Greater safety...unless expensive fire resistant fluids are used, hydraulic equipped machines operating near fire or high temperatures create fire hazards. Air systems operate with lower line pressure

3. Flexibility...air systems provide simpler installation particularly where a product is changed, as in the automotive industry, and adaptability for automation where systems are changed or expanded.

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4. For lower maintenance cost...realized where down is a factor due to more complicated arrangement
necessary with hydraulic systems.

5. Less preventative maintenance with air; hydraulic systems must be kept free of contaminants.

6. Leakage in an air system is not as critical as with hydraulic.

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